Maquiadora alemã se transforma em guerreiras Sailor Moon

Regina, maquiadora e artista alemã, proprietária do blog Picturresque se transformou em todas as heroína do desenho japonês Sailor Moon. O resultado é impressionante. Confira a seguir:

S A I L O R M E R C U R Y Ruler Planet • Mercury Zodiac Sign • Virgo, Gemini Getting older I admire her more and more, because she was like a big sister for the other girls 💙 Or maybe because we have the same ruler Planet?! 😜😂 • Who is also a Mercury? YSL – Touché eclat Foundation Zoeva- Cream Contour Spectrum Palette Zoeva – Spring Strobe Spectrum Palette LA Splash – Eyebrow Pencils for freckles The Balm – Nude Dude Palette Tammy Tanuka – Freezing Ghost Pigment Make-up Factory- Spectacular Curves Mascara Guerlain – Kohl loose Powder Bleu (Brows) Lips Make-up Factory – Lipliner Rosy mauve L'Oréal – Universal Lip Glow Make-up Factory – High Shine Lip Gloss Dune Rose #sailormoon #sailormercury #sailormercurycosplay #cosplay #thebalmeu #thebalmcosmetics #zoevacosmetics #makeupfactory #lasplashcosmetics #lorealmakeup

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S A I L O R J U P I T E R Ruler Planet • Jupiter Zodiac Sign • Sagittarius ( Pisces ) I've had to recreate this Look, because I forgot the choker 😓😩 And I also toned down the Highlighter…It was too much 😂 Thank you all for your likes and comments on the first pic 😚😚😚💚✨ Stila – Illuminating Foundation NYX – Butterlipstick Licorice as Blush Sleek – Cream Contour Palette Dior – Glowing Gardens Highlighter glowing pink Kat von D – Shade + Light Eyecontour Kat von D – Alchemist Palette Emerald Make-up Factory – Spectacular Curves Mascara Maybelline – Gel Eyeliner Brown Lips NYX – Buttergloss Eclair #makotokino #sailorjupiter #cosplay #sleekmakeup #diorcosmetics #katvondbeauty #makeupfactory #maybelline #nyxcosmetics #stilacosmetics

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S A I L O R V E N U S Ruler Planet • Venus Zodiac Sign • Taurus, Libra At this time she was the challengingly character to create…Blond is not my favorite 🤣 Too Faced – Tinted Beauty Balm Mehron – HD Contour Palette Bobbi Brown – Rouge Pot Calypso Coral The Balm – Hot Mama Blush Furless – Pigment Shady Zoeva – Matte Spectrum Palette Bobbi Brown – Cobalt Ink Gel Eyeliner Zoeva – Kohl Kajal Blanc The Balm – Overshadow No Money No Honey Make-up Factory – Spectacular Curves Mascara Lips The Body Shop – Lipliner Clover Pink Lancome – Darling Rose Lipstick House of Beauty – Romance #minakoaino #sailorvenus #cosplay #toofaced #mehronmakeup #bobbibrowncosmetics #thebalmeu #thebalmcosmetics #furlesscosmetics #zoevacosmetics #makeupfactory #thebodyshop #lancome #houseofbeauty

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B L A C K L A D Y Because l've made the more grow up version of Chibiusa – Here is also the grow up Sailor 😜 For me one of the prettiest transformations 💞🖤💞 Clinique – Beyond Perfecting Foundation Make-up Revolution- Strobing Balm Euphoric Zoeva – Matte Palette Lashes – Amazon Make-up Factory- Calligraph Eyeliner Black Inglot Pigment – 111 Make-up Factory Kohl Kajal Black Kat von D – Alchemist Palette Pink Opal Kiko – Mascara Maxi Mod Brows Sleek – Matte Me Petal Beyu – Colored Mascara Think Pink Lips La Girl – Matte Rebel mixed with Secret #blacklady #chibiusa #chibiusatsukino #sailorchibimoon #sailormoon #sailormooncosplay #cosplay #inglotcosmetics #clinique #makeuprevolution #zoevacosmetics #katvondbeauty #kikomilano #sleekmakeup #beyucosmetics #lagirlcosmetics #makeupfactory

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S A I L O R S U N Ruler Planet • Sun Zodiac Sign • Leo Thank you all for your feedback on Filia 😛 I created this Senshi because there is no Sailor with the Zodiac Sign Leo…Now all Zodiac Signs are complete…Don't take it too serious 🙃🙂 And about all the other Characters from Sailor Moon like the Villians or Luna as Human, I would love to recreate them but I don't have the wigs or Accessories…I planned this series over half year till I got all things together 😘 But hey, this is not the last series I did ✌️😁 💋💋💋 Helena Rubinstein – Color Clone Foundation Cargo – Bronzer Matte Natasha Denona – Blush Nude Peach Cover FX – Highlight Drops Sunlight Zoeva – Caramel Melange Palette Make-up Revolution- Strobe Balm Hypnotic Make-up Revolution – Golden Lights Highlight Kiko – Maxi Mood Mascara Lips Make-up Factory – Lip Fluid Velvet Rosewood Make-up Factory- Lipliner 17 Make-up Factory – Golden Glow Topper Contacts Bausch & Lomb Hazel #sailorsun #sailormoon #helenarubinstein #cargocosmetics #natashadenona #coverfxdrops #zoevacosmetics #makeuprevolution #kikomilano #makeupfactory

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